I recently had an email from "cswolfe" asking me what stock tickers will return max pain data. The specific stock in question was ZNGA.

This website gets all the option data from Yahoo Finance. Any stock that reports option data on Yahoo Finance will be available here. Using the ZNGA example, the Yahoo Finance option data can be found at the link below.


Yahoo has a wonderful API that lets you query the option data and return the results in the XML format. You need the full Yahoo Query Language (YQL) syntax and OAuth, but the basic url is below.


The top of the max pain page or any other page is a "ticker" textbox and "maturity" dropdown. You can type any stock symbol into the ticker textbox. You can also select the option expiration you want in the dropdown. A word of caution, some stocks don't offer weekly options. If you choose a maturity for a stock that doesn't exist (say a weekly maturity), the dropdown will default to the first available option expiration date.

Finally, all the graphs and charts include the stock ticker and option expiration date. That way there is no confusion about what graph you are viewing.