On Thanksgiving 2013 this website will begin tweeting the weekly max pain. You can follow us and get the weekly AAPL max pain daily.

The purpose of the twitter account is to assist users like you get the max pain value each day. The tweets themselves will contain the weekly option max pain and the previous closing stock price. It also includes the option expiration date. The message itself will look like this.

Weekly AAPL Max Pain = 520.00. Maturity = 11/29/2013. Previous close = 528.50.

You can see the recent tweets displayed on this page. Look over to the blog navigation pane.

This website uses Yahoo Finance data to get the option open interest. This data is posted prior to the market open each day. The max pain value can be calculated before the market open each day. Then, it is posted to twitter before the market open each day.

For now, only the AAPL max pain is tweeted. It is possible to tweet other stocks like GOOG or PLCN or NFLX. But first we'd like to see what the response to tweeting the AAPL stock is. Many visitors to this website own or are considering buying AAPL stock. Apple is the most viewed stock on this website. In addition, does it make sense to tweet all stocks under the same account? Or would it better to establish an account for each individual stock and let you follow only the stocks you want to? The second option sounds good, but there is the problem of managing multiple twitter accounts.

What do you think? Would you like to see various stock max pain values? If so, what ticker symbols? Furthermore would you like to see individual accounts for each stock?