I'm pleased to announce the release of the max pain history page. I received a number of requests for this data.

The page displays the max pain cash value figures and the closing stock price for the various option expiration dates in a specified month. For example, if you choose AAPL stock and the 12/7/2012 weekly option expiration, you will get the graph and data for all the AAPL weekly options in December.

TickerMaturityMax PainStock PriceDate
AAPL Fri 12/07/2012 560.0000 533.2500 Fri 12/07/2012
AAPL Fri 12/14/2012 540.0000 509.7900 Fri 12/14/2012
AAPL Sat 12/22/2012 550.0000 519.3300 Fri 12/21/2012
AAPL Fri 12/28/2012 520.0000 509.5900 Fri 12/28/2012

For some reason, the monthly option expiration date is reported as a Saturday. Weekly option expirations are reported as a Friday. This is true of the Yahoo Finance data and the data from Stricknet.

If the stock you selected doesn't have weekly options, only the monthly option expiration is returned. For example, ticker MRK (Merck) doesn't offer weekly options. If you display MRK and 12/7/2012, you will only get the monthly option expiration on 12/22/12