I'm introducing new pages that shows the historical option data. You supply a stock ticker, maturity date and strike price and the page will return the option history. You can choose to view the price, open interest or volume history.


These pages are integrated with the daily option screener. When a stock is reported on the screener you'll be able to see the history and note what recent change triggered the screener.

You can get the screener emailed to you by entering your email and clicking the subscribe button on this page.

If you followed the screener, you'll know I pointed out a large straddle in the DOW October monthlies at the $50 strike. You can see the history of that stock at http://maximum-pain.com/history/open-interest. You can see when the straddle began and how it continued up to over one million contracts.

Also, the GE November monthlies had a 3 million straddle at 35 and another 3 million straddle at 38. Here is the 35 strike chart http://maximum-pain.com/history/open-interest. Here is the 38 strike chart http://maximum-pain.com/history/open-interest

And FYI: GE is still in play for the weekly 12/4/2015 maturity and 33 strike. However the straddle only has 28 thousand contracts. That's 1% of the open interest seen in the November monthlies.