I received a few requests for historical max pain values recently. AAPL max pain history is the one most often requested.

Unfortunately I do not store the max pain values for AAPL of any other stock beyond the option expiration date. The short answer is my server is short of hard drive space and processing power. It is difficult to justify the storage necessary to maintain a history. It doesn't have the capacity at this time to store historical values. In addition, I fetch option data on-demand in response to user requests. This means I would need to create an automated system to collect data to in order to ensure I have no gaps in the history.

However, I may be able to store AAPL historical max pain values. Limiting the website to one stock will reduce the load on the server. Plus, AAPL is such a popular stock I don't think I would need to worry about missing a day leaving the fetch on-demand.

Maintaining AAPL max pain historical data is on the to-do list. I will keep blof updated with my progress.